Friday, October 23, 2015

Jesus Heals a Blind Man- Compare your Faith

Choice 6: John 9. The Healing of the Man Born Blind

1.    Create a chart with three columns and label them “Pharisees,” “Blind Man,” and “Parents.” Record words or phrases from John 9:13–38 under each category that show the spiritual blindness or spiritual sight of the Pharisees, the blind man, and the parents.
Blind man
This man is not of God
He is a prophet
Avoided the question as to avoid admitting he was the Christ
How can a man that is a sinner do such miracles
Knew the Pharisees would not believe him even if he repeated his testimony

As for this fellow we not from whence he came.

2.    Physical blindness is often thought of as a difficult handicap in this life. Similarly, how can spiritual blindness be a handicap?
Spiritual blindness I feel is almost as impairing as physical blindness. When we are blinded from spiritual things, everything else seems to be cloudy as well. I think spiritual blindness takes our focus away from what is really important. It causes us to forget who Jesus Christ is and how he can be involved in our lives.

3.    How did the healed man’s testimony grow as he continued to share it? (Notice the terms he used to refer to the Savior in John 9:11, 17, 33, 38.)

From a man, to a prophet, to of God, Lord and worshiping him. What a change! The Pharisees were trying to get him to change His story or dissuade him from his own beliefs. But just the opposite happened. As he recounted his story, he did not change it, but did the exact opposite of what they had hoped for- his testimony grew of the savior as he recounted the miraculous miracle that had been done unto him.

4.    How has your testimony grown as you have shared it?

As I shared my testimony on my mission, I surprised myself by testifying to myself as much as other people. I felt the truth of what I was already saying burn within my heart. Like the blind man, I am reassured that the Lord cares about me, that I truly believe the things that I am testifying of, and that the Spirit is a true witness of the Lord.

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