Thursday, September 17, 2015

Mary, the Mother of Christ

Luke 2:4–6, Mary riding to Bethlehem
The account of Christ's Birth is spectacular in every single instance. Miracles occurred in every step of the story. Angels appeared, a virgin conceived a child, a barren woman also conceived a child, a new star formed in the sky. Christ himself, descending from His throne to come to save each one of us was an amazing miracle.
But there is one miracle though, which I feel is commonly overlooked. That is the miracle of Mary. Some historians have predicted she was between the age of 12 and 16. A young girl with a humble background was visited by an angel and was chosen (not asked) to be the mother of the son of God.

Luke 1:28 states :
And the angel came in unto her, and said, Hail, thou that art highly favoured, the Lord is with thee: blessed art thou among women.

I have often wondered, as I'm sure Mary did, "why?" Why Mary? What about Mary made her the perfect candidate to be the mother of God's only son? There are obviously many qualities and traits Mary possessed from a young age. Bravery, patience, virtue, light, kindness, and many more. The one I would like to focus on is her humility. 
Mary was, for all intensive purposes, a "nobody." She was young, not very popular or rich, and was quite ordinary in the eyes of the world. But God saw much more. Mary's humility as a noble daughter of God made her the perfect candidate for the Son of God. Who better to teach Christ how to be humble with a high calling than Mary? She humbly accepted the call to be the mother of Jesus- a calling that would surely risk her safety and popularity among men. And I think there is nothing more qualifying in a mother than humility. To have a parent say phrases like "I'm sorry," "it was actually my fault" and "I messed up" is a rare occurrence in our society. Some parents think that with the title of mother or father, they are completely in charge and in control, thus losing the love and the trust that is crucial in family relationships. In the scriptures we read of the love Christ had for Mary and vice versa. I think if all parents tried to increase their humility, many family relationships could be mended and restored. And if we do this, we too can be "highly favoured"of the Lord.
I hope I can start my journey of being a humble parent soon. I want my children to know that I always love them, that I make mistakes too, and that they can feel that I am humble enough to be approachable with anything they want to discuss.
 Luke 2:6–7, The virgin Mary with baby Jesus

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