Saturday, March 29, 2014

'Ketchup' time! Finally!

Mom's note.....Woosh! Once the holidays hit and school started... I have been terrible about my blog job. :/ But alas, her is a recap of the last few months along with some fun pix! Hope Sierra will forgive me!

Highlights from November:

We are so excited for Diego too! We are going to the temple with him THIS Thursday! We get to go to the Manhattan temple!! It's so close, it's like 30 minutes with Traffic. Haha we're going to take a train there and a bus I think. Diego found a name last week, his grandpa, so he'll be baptized for him! AWESOME!

He was baptized for his grandpa who passed away a few years ago. Diego was facing our side when he was being baptized, and they said the prayer and when they said his grandpa's name, he had the BIGGEST WHITEST grin on his face! He looked up at us and was just beaming! We have seen such a Huge progress with him. And on Sunday he blessed the sacrament!!!! And we are setting an appointment with someone to get his patriarchal blessing!!!!! That young man is going to be one great missionary and father!!

DIANA WAS BAPTIZED!!!! Her mom came, and her brother came for the first half hour, but due to Latino tradition, we started half an hour late so he had to go. Her mom was baptized when she was 15 years old in El Salvador (or one of those countries...) and she went less active. It was amazing to see Diana make this huge step in her life! And sister Elaine S. Dalton gave a talk on that "when you gave a girl you save generations" :) 

In the last 8 or so weeks, we've had 9 people baptized. The Lord is blessing us!  Diana was baptized with Ashley and Tracy, an 11 year old and a 10 year old who have been coming to church for the last 6 months finally got baptized! They needed permission from their mom and she agreed! Afterwards, I was able to talk to the parents and somehow taught them the 3rd lesson- the gospel of Jesus Christ!

I'M GETTING TRANSFERRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I'm so SAD to leave Union City! We have such a FANTASTIC ward here- all the members are SO loving and they just took me in! I am really going to miss that. And just two days ago, we sat Marilyn, a 12 year old girl on DATE for her baptism! We have asked her so many times already and she FINALLY said yes and now I have to leave!! We have been working with her since we I got here. And I won't be able to see the beautiful New York skyline anymore! BUT. There is a big chance I'll get a CAR :) Pray for me! haha it would be so nice to have a heated vehicle to drive in. The weather is FREEZING! 

Mom's note....To be contintued!

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