Monday, November 11, 2013

And another baptism in her area!

Speaking of still having Halloween candy left, Sister Jeppson is awesome with health! I mean, she was in a hot dog singing a song she made up about New Jersey food in the tune of "food glorious food." Tell me a mission President's wife that is as awesome as that... you really can't! Anyways, her little seminars have helped me to be healthy! I even look at pictures of some things at restaurants and am grossed out! So that's a neat change. I can see a difference in my energy! I feel like it's Heavenly father's way of rewarding me for serving him :) 

Carlos is doing good! He did come to church, and he seemed to like it.  

Diego is great! Such a social butterfly. He got the Priesthood this Sunday and so he is going to the temple with us on the 21st! We are really looking forward to that! We are going with Densie, the recent convert the Elders baptized last Sunday! 
And SURPRISE! We had another baptism on FRIDAY! his name is Vinicio and he is 23. Lives with a member family and was invited to our talent night in October. He loved it, got comfortable and then came to church. The Zone Leaders taught him, the same Elders who taught Densie. They said he just grew more. Vinicio felt bad one day and said "I'm pretty slow at reading... I'm only in 1st Nephi 11.." Uhh AWESOME!  The man even remember Ishmeal's name! So he was baptized on Friday and President Jeppson came again! It was pretty awesome. He was baptized on a Friday because he had to get the Holy Ghost on Sunday. He left Sunday night to Arizona, where he will work for 6 months! So it was really sad to see him go. When he got the Holy Ghost, he was assured that the Lord had huge plans for him. GOLDEN! He's also planning on coming back to go to the temple in December! He is such a boss. We also sang come thou fount in Spanish. It was sweet.
                                                               Vinicio's baptism

Whenever times get tough with Spanish, I just think "my family has to be impressed. I have to have this down by Christmas!"  Spanish hymns are my favorite! They just have so much power to them. I've already memorized a couple on accident because they are my favorites and I just sing them all the time. :) 

I don't know if Nestor is in our area or not.. he came to church this Sunday but we are meeting with him for the first time tonight!
The Robles family.. Are you ready for this?!

So last Sunday they had a lesson in Young Women about the temple trip they were having that Saturday. After the class, Diana begged to go to the temple, but we explained she had to be baptized before she went to the temple. So she asked us if she could get baptized during the week so that she could go! We told her we had to teach her a couple things, but that she could get baptized really soon. So we set her on date for the 17th! We've been to her house like every day this week and she is always SO excited to see us! We even took Diana 11, her brother Gabriel, 13 and Ariana 13 the less active to the library and we all watched videos. It was so much fun! And Diana got to watch a video of a baptism, plus she's seen the recent two we had last week. She goes to the church every day for activities and volleyball and things like that and she just is in LOVE! We were walking her to the church the other day and she said "you know, I consider you guys like sisters to me" :') It is so much fun to work with her and Ariana! They are both so hilarious and they just crack us up. 
We were having a lesson with Diana and we were sharing a scripture in Moroni, and we teach her in English because she understands and it's easier. So I was introducing the scripture, and I was explaining Moroni and I said "se llama Moroni (mor-oh-nee) in espanol... and she whispers "sounds like macaroni..." Oh man we all started busting up! Those girls are hilarious! And when Diana prays, she always prays for us and thanks her Heavenly Father and tells him how excited she is to be baptized and to receive the Holy Ghost. We are so so happy for her! And we hope she is going to lead her family into the waters of baptism too. her brother Gabriel has come to church with us 3 times willingly, but he just doesn't want anything to do with it. 
                                                  Ariana, Hermanan Schaefer, and Diana!
I have a Spanish/English dictionary, but my companion doesn't let me use it during companionship study when I need it. I have to figure out another way I already know how to say it. But I feel like when I do that, I won't ever learn the words I want to say. 

We have interviews with the President this week so that will be awesome.
He is such an inspired man. he will just look at me and be able to tell everything that's going on.
When he was set apart as a mission President, he was blessed to be able to know us as if he'd known us since we were young. I have truly felt that as he has talked to me, even the way he shakes my hand- he knows me inside and out.
I love you lots and lots and lots! Have such a great week!
Hermana Schaefer
Or See-shizzle. whichever you prefer :)

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