Sunday, November 10, 2013

Almost Thanksgiving!

Wow can you believe it's already Thanksgiving?! 
This transfer has gone by SO fast, and yet I can't believe I'm STILL in training! I have about 3 more weeks left! 

Carlos didn't go to church because his cousin was in town. But he's doing pretty good. 

GOLDEN DIEGO! Is still awesome as ever. :) He got a new job this week and so he had to work this Sunday. Boo! And we haven't been able to set up a time for his family history, mainly because the center is only open for like 2 days a week. Because he wasn't at church, he didn't receive the priesthood so he can't go to the temple yet! Which was a rule I didn't know. Even 12 year old boys have to have the priesthood if they want to do baptisms! So we are aiming for next week. He fits in SO well with the ward and we love him! We are doing his new member lessons. The ward missionaries aren't as frequent here in Union City. We are aiming to have more members with us in lessons though. That 3rd testimony always helps!

So my companion is famous! Sister Schwendiman is in the church news! She and her former companion have pictures and there's a whole article about NJMM and the work sister missionaries do on Liberty island! We are now both world renowned. (me in general conference, her in the church news!)

Okay. MIRACLES this week!
First of all, Densie was baptized! He is the bishop's daughter's boyfriend about 20 years old. He was taught by our Zone leaders. He had the missionary discussions before, but cut the poor missionaries off in the middle of a lesson and said it wasn't right for him. Then his girlfriend moved to Utah for college, and he was really devastated about it. He was so devastated that he got on his knees and prayed to know where his life was going and he asked for a sign to see if the church Marilyn (the gf) belonged to was the right church for him. Two nights later, he had a dream, where him and Marilyn were sitting on a couch together and they had their wedding rings on and they were holding a book of mormon in their hands, and as the seconds went by, they were aging, wrinkles and all. So Densie took this as a sign that he needed to join the church! He had the missionary discussions and 3 weeks later he was baptized! (the baptism was yesterday). And guess what?! President and Sister Jeppson came!!!! We are about 2.5 hours away from the mission home so we don't get to see them that often. It was so cool to talk with them and tell them about good ol Union City!
                                                                Densie's baptism

At the Baptism, we had 4 investigators there AND a less active! Crazy awesome! They played the Joseph Smith movie while they were changing and it was the most powerful video I've seen! I bet it was because President was there :) Also, me and my companion and the Zone leaders sand soy un hijo de Dios (I am a child of God) With the guitar. So Marilyn, Densie's girlfreiend was "there" via skype and she was bawling through the whole thing, and so was the whole family of the bishop. Densie was baptized 3 times because his knee kept coming up, and he just laughed. Even when he bore his testimony, he didn't cry! BUT when we got to the second verse of the song, he was just bawling. He just put his head in his hands and sobbed! Oh then I started crying and I couldn't sing because that just sounds so bad. It was so awesome! The Spirit was SO strong!

We also had a street contact as we were walking to pick up investigators for church. He said he couldn't go, and then he showed up! He also came to the baptism too!!!!! His name is Nestor, but I don't think he lives in our area :/ 

Also, we have been working with the Robles family. The mom is like 20 years less active and her two kids and husband are non members. We picked up the two kids (woke them up and basically dragged them out of bed) and it turns out, Diana 12, the daughter is friends with Ariana 13, the hilarious less active we have been teaching. So they just chatted away on the way to church and Diana stayed because she had a friend! She LOVED young womens and asked us if she could go to the temple trip with the ward this Saturday! We told her she needed to be baptized for herself first, and she asked "can I be baptized right NOW?!" It was pretty awesome! Densie's baptism was at 6 and so we picked her up for that and the whole way there she was just chatting about how she wants to be baptized, and how her dad supports her and how she told her mom about the temple and her mom said she wanted to go with her! And then she was like and then my whole family can be BAPTIZED! And she came to the baptism and she was so intrigued. And she asked me to baptize her. Hahahahaha I wish! Oh how I wish. But we explained the Priesthood and she was okay with it.The Lord has been so good to us :) 
Hopefully we can get that family baptized and active!!!


Love, Seester CC :)

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