Monday, October 21, 2013

Working at Liberty Island! 'Merica


We went to the gym this morning! We were there for like 2 and a half hours! I did the treadmill, 10 minutes of a cycling class and some other machines... AND we batted our pretty little eye lashes and got a FREE one week pass! WOOHOO! So we are going to wake up early this week and work our buns!

No new investigators yet, but we've had some pretty cool contacts on the street! We'll see what comes out of them. We are in an all walking area! For zone conferences and certain training meetings we have to get a ride because they're all like an hour away. We are right by New York and the meetings are in central Jersey so it's a little ways away. It's getting pretty cold! I was an ICE CUBE at liberty Island and I haven't really defrosted since! It's really cold in the mornings and at nights but the afternoons are alright, nice and warm :)

And I'm feeling good! My health is good, it was nice to work out this morning! We probably only have 5 weeks left before she gets transferred! Hopefully I get transferred into a driving area for winter ;)
Also, IPADS are coming in April 2014... OH YEAH. Can't wait for that!!!!! 

On Saturday we got to Volunteer at Liberty Island!!!! (The island where the statue of liberty is). Only Sisters get to. WOOHOO! So. Here's what we did. We drove less than 20 minutes, took a ferry and got to the island. We had badges that say we are volunteers and we kept our name tags on. BUT... we were NOT allowed to proselyte or talk really about the church. It's a separation of church and state law government thing and it was SO HARD. People would look at my tag and ask me all about it, but I could only give short answers and say very minimal things. The church and the island have been working together for 13 years, and one little slip up could ruin a lot of things! So there is a place on the island- the island is pretty huge. There's the entrance to the platform and a line for the crown, there's a gift shop and a cafe, and there's a huge quad area and a pathway to walk around the statue. We were at a small booth where people could get free certificates that said "I went to the statue of liberty!" So two companions were on the computers putting in their information and me and another sister were talking to the long line of people and just leaving a good impression. We got to meet people LITERALLY from all around the world! Here are the places I can remember- FRANCE ( it KILLED me... like I almost cried. Definitely talking French again when I come home!) Poland, Turkey, a lot from the UK,India, Venezuela, Scotland, Peru, Mexico, Russia, China, Germany, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Italy, Spain, Argentina, and Columbia! Not to mention all sorts of states! A group of 4 18 year old girls were from MODESTO!!!!!!! It was so awesome! I talked to them for a really long time! We also met 2 LDS people too. They came up to us and were like SISTERS!!!!! It was neat :) I forgot my camera, but I will send pics next week! I got one from sister Schwendy.. Like my patriotic red white and blue? :)

Diego is doing haha But he loves the church. He is trying to look for a new job and we were like okay but you have to find a job that... and he finished our sentence and said "I know, I know that lets me have Sundays off..." BINGO. Gold star for Diego! 


Sister CC :)

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