Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Work Hard Play Hard....Jersey Strong!


Thank you to all who have e-mailed me and have assured my safe arrival! I am in Jersey safe and sound! 
Okay wow. NEW JERSEY. One Elder has counted all of the nationalities he has taught and he is up to 131. It's seriously a foreign place here! 
I AM IN UNION CITY! I can see the New york skyline when we go outside. SO COOL! 
  I really believe I'm in another country. So the "UC" is like a Mexican version of San Fransisco. Lots of natives, lots of shops and just busy. It reminds me of Mexico!  People hear about New York and the "American Dream" so they move out and up into the world. They they realize all to quickly that New York is beyond their financial capacities and what do they do? They cross the Hudson! So we get them! It is seriously foreign down here! I love it so much.
My companion and I cover blocks 26-37 and we live on block 38! 

My trainer? My Presidents? My area? My meetings? My Zone? MY LESSONS?! :)

SO TOTALLY AWWWEESSOOMMMEEEEE. Sister Hilary Schwindiman. Seriously though. And get this. She has been praying about me for days, as I with her and she was going over the new sister list and she saw my name and thought "I have Sister Schaefer. She's mine." And there wasn't a picture or anything! So she just met me yesterday and we were being paired together and President Jeppson was announcing all the Training companionships and he said "Sister Schwindiman and Sister Clark!" My heart dropped! I was SURE she was going to be my comp. So they were paired and another sister went and then President Jeppson was like "oops, there's a mistake! Sister Schaefer, YOU are with sister Schwindiman!" Oh we both jumped up and down! We were so happy. WE JUST CLICK. And we keep telling each other we are going to be one of thpse companionships that rooms togehter and whos kids play together. I LOVE HER. When she was assigned to me, we had a transfer meeting. So all of the newbies, Missionaries going home and people getting transferred were there. We filled the chapel! And everyone knew her! And they would say hi to her, then look at me and say YOU LUCKED OUT. SHE IS THE BEST. So seriously. I don't know HOW I got so lucky. Heavenly Father really looks out for me! HE IS THERE. 
She is so obedient but even MORE FUN. She just has such a huge heart and loves me to death. We has the CUTEST ideas and she just makes missionary work enjoyable. 

Tomorrow we are playing a contacting game where we each have to talk to someone with our criteria for a day. Like we each contact a man who is bald, or we each contact someone with a blue shirt on. HOW FUN IS THAT? AND she gave me a planner all tabbed and filled out- color coordinated too! AND she wrote me a letter addressed as "To my future companion" because she didn't know who I was yet! So she wrote this note a while ago. AND she gave me candy an earrings!  She loves to work out, which is awesome.   I am excited to actually get some exercise in! This morning we went running. SO refreshing!
It's pretty hot here, not too humid though! Someone told me it's going to be a hard winter so I am trying to prepare myself for that. 

OKAY. President and Sister Jeppson. THE COOLEST. Seriously though. President Jeppson played a little missionary song in his orientation on the guitar and he made fun of an Elder who got Dear Johned in his song! SO FUNNY. So he LOVES music. GET THIS. ALEX BOYE IS HIS SON IN LAW!!!!!!! I saw a family picture and I was like waiiittt a minnuuutteee... sure enough my suspicions were right! SO since he loves music (Played base in a band for 30 years and sang in the MOtab!) He loves US to love music! Seriously though, I could talk about the Jeppsons all day long. They just LOVE the missionaries.

Oh, we are in a walking area!! Only 3 sister companionships do NOT have cars. I am glad I'm walking though! It's a work out, you get tons of contacts, and we don't need a car! We cover hardly 10 blocks.. haha.
MISSION MOTTO: Work Hard, Play Hard.

The Jeppsons are FUN too! And they stress that New Jersey Morristown Missionaries are OBEDIENT. But they mey make it fun so it's not even difficult! We even obey the laws of the land- so we dont cross the street until we get a go sign. 

Well, it has been a blast so far! I LOVE EVERYTHING AND AM SO HAPPY IF YOU CANT TELL. 
 The Lord really knows me. He loves me beyond my capacity to understand. And he puts up with me. I AM SO LUCKY to know I am of royal birth- His daughter and I can't wait for others to hear and understand that. IT CHANGES LIVES. And I am a part of that. 

Well, These few days have basically been unpacking and meetings! But I love you all! And will get to e-mail you on Monday! 
Hermana Schaefer

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