Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sneaky Sneaky Sir

Well, I just got back from MCDONALDS. American food. YUM. Oh it was heaven. I have been craving fries and a shake for so long.

Okay so this week was hard. Like really hard. Hardest week out on the field. Get it? Because I've only been in the field for a week? ;) Haha but it has all been new. The Spanish, the area, the Zone, everything. 

One day, our appointment wasn't there, so Sister Schwendiman had me pick our back-up. And I told her we should see Blanca, a super old lady. So she asked me again, are you sure? Out of all the back ups we have who do you want to see? And without hesitation, I said BLANCA. It just blurted out of my mouth. And it didn't make sense because every time we go see Blanca, she is NEVER home. So this would be our 3rd attempt at seeing the mysterious old woman. I had to lead the way without any direction so of course, we got lost. I was going every which way and I was about to go crazy because I don't like the feeling of not knowing where I am. So by some grand chance, I found the house. And when we got there, of course, Blanca wasn't home. (So in NJ, there are like 3 story houses and a family lives on each floor) so her neighbor answered his door and we started talking to him. REALLY nice guy who is a chef in New York. He had to go to work though, so we didn't get a chance to really talk to him. But as we were leaving the house, a young man started walking up. I just new this was the reason I was prompted to go to Blanca's. He lives on the 3rd story of her house and was just coming home from work. And conveniently there were two chairs one one side of the porch and another on the other side. Everything was just so perfect. Even the lesson went well. He was so receptive to hear the message and he has come to FHE and Institute this week! He is 20, from Honduras and is looking for the truth. Good thing we have it!! 
We had a really powerful lesson with him about Joseph Smith and the Restoration and he soaked it all in. He's all alone, moved here in May and has no family, they're back in Honduras. He started crying when we told him we have a family here, a ward family who takes great care and  loves us. We will invite him to be baptized TONIGHT! 

So this week was a lot better than lasts appointment wise. We were just booked which is such a good thing! We had lots of dinner appointments and such. We are fed very well!  And when we get fed, WE ARE FULL. Oh Latino food. It makes me stuffed. If we have a dinner appointment, we just snack all day. We try not to have a dinner appointment ever night because we're in a walking area- one of 4 in the mission! So we don't want to stay the same weight. If we have the advantage of walking, we better lose it! We run every day and one time we BOOKED it down 8 blocks because we were going to be late. We walked in the door and were kneeling to pray for planning by exactly 9 pm. Oh the miracles of the mission :)

This week we did service for a member. She was not feeling too well, so we offered to help her clean her house.  Working was fun and she also fed us lunch! That's the thing about Latinos, is that they hardly have any more and that is apparent when you walk into their home- but you can always count on them giving you supplies and especially food- and a good meal at that! So the Hermana was feeding us, and she gave us macaroni soup as an appetizer but sister Schwendiman is allergic to gluten! So I stealthily had to eat hers without the Hermana noticing! I felt like James Bond. haha I have gotten sneaky on my mission! 
Gabriel- the son of a recent convert. he's almost 3 and he is SO energetic! We we at the church doing family history for the recent convert and I of course wanted to play with the baby boy! So we were just playing around in the room, I was lifting up by his hands, it was a blast! And then he starts running around me. It was so funny and then he just had the giggles! And then in a FLASH he started to go through my legs while crawling, and then he stood STRAIGHT UP in my skirt! And then he started laughing so so hard! I was like OH MY GOODNESS! And I was trying to get him out. Everyone in the room, The recent convert, fam history worker and my comp were wanting to laugh but also had funny looks on their faces. It was so funny. And embarassing.

DeLeon Family:
Eddie Jr. is a recent convert of one year. He is awesome. Eddie Sr, the dad, served a mission in Honduras but is now inactive. Claudia, the mom and the girlfriend is an investigator. So the other day we went over to their house and we were talking about the temple and BOOM. Eddie Sr told us he was going to send in his divorce papers again. The reason he and Claudia aren't married is because he was married long ago but they never got divorced. Eddie has sent the papers once before, which are $600 but the wife ripped them up! So now he is meeting with a lawyer and has the faith to do it again. Then they'll get married right away and she will get baptized and then they will get sealed in the temple! Oh it was a great lesson. Such faith! They all came to church on Sunday!

Investigators and members firmly point at me to pray. We always give them the option and they always, without fail, pick me! Because I hardly talk in lessons. I think they want to see if I can actually speak Spanish! Haha

There are the barber shop workers who ALWAYS come out of their shop to say hi to us. Like, they leave their client in the chair and they give us a holler. Crazy Jersey Kids. 

So the ambulances and police cars like to play with their sirens. Literally. They never just turn them on. They like to press the button. It's like a little kid playing cops. It cracks us up every time!!! 

Spanish is coming great! I understood most of church! Oh it is such a blessing. 

 I hope you are having a good time in your lives. Don't be afraid to share the gospel. The Lord will fill your mouth, even if you have the slightest of faith. I have seen it happen time and time again. This church is true. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't. :) 

Hasta Ver,
Hermana Schaefer

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