Monday, September 30, 2013

Shout out for between Conference sessions!

Oh I loved the relief society meeting! I love the good-better-best example in temples! Good to teach, better to prepare, best to LIVE! I also loved the perspective when you are thinking thoughts about yourself, Is this how the Savior would want me to think about myself, or is Satan trying to beat me down? LOVE IT!
Leading the area was fun! I didn't know I knew that much spanish!
Yes, our team ups knew Spanish. The older generation, like my age hardly know English and the younger generation know more English than Spanish.
Sister Schwendiman and I were just talking about how back at home, you guys say the names in American accents, like everybody loves Ramon. But his name is said with a Spainish accent, JUST like princess and the frog! We had to drop him :( Sister Schwendy had a really hard time with that. Especially since her grandpa passed away and he was like a grandpa to us. Always taking care of us. But in the missionary purpose perspective, we had 10 WHOLE LESSONS with him, one every day. They would never go as we planned, and he basically would give us a bible study class. Plus we were still on lesson one. It was making me feel guilty because there are so many other people we could use that hour with!
. Sister Schwendy told me something really awesome today that her brother told her- who happened to serve in Nashville Tennessee!!!!! He said- You have to strengthen the ward and its members first. If you only focus on the investigators and bring them into a word that isn't functioning like it should, then the investigators will crumble with the ward. SO TRUE! This week we both felt prompted to focus on less actives and ward members.
We had a lesson with Diego on Sunday! He really scared us because he didn't come to church and he didn't answer out text! So we called him a little bit later and he answered the phone and said they called him in to work last minute! So that's why he couldn't come and didn't answer our text. We had an awesome lesson with him. It was fast Sunday because of Conference and we had a crazy night so I wasn't able to fast dinner/breakfast but still 24 hours. So I felt really weak, almost like I was going to pass out. But the Spirit was still so strong! We talked about the Word of Wisdom. I noticed that he had a bottle cap opener on his keys. UH-OH. I was kind of nervous but then I realized that if you timidly ask someone to keep a commandment, then they'll timidly keep it. So you just have to be bold and identify blessings. AND this is why we do the Baptismal Commitment so early- because they've already committed to this promise and that is their goal. And they must do certain things to achieve that goal- like keeping la plabra de sabiduria :) (WOW)
Here you have someone who Satan just can't seem to attack because he has so much faith! We are so proud of him. Sister Schwendiman started talking funny towards the end of the lesson, and she talked about how she wasn't all there because she was fasting. Then she told him she was fasting for him.. and I was like COMO?! TAMBIEN!!! (What?!, me toooo!!!!!) We both did NOT know we fasted for him and when he heard this and saw our "not so coincidence" (spirit) his eyes just lit UP and he was so happy. Then HE offered to say the closing prayer. OY VAY. SO COOL. His baptism is set for the 13th of October, because next week is conference!!!!
President said this in his e-mail this week:
Everywhere I go I have members approach me and tell me how much they love the missionaries in their ward/branch. I always tell them, “I know, I love them too.”
Sweet story of the week!
This week, as Sister Schwendiman and I were walking down the street with our Book of Mormon in hand, we passed a man who whispered to himself- as though unintentionally- "Hey I have that book.." and he kept walking. It was SO hard to hear, yet it was clear as day what he said. We turned around and asked "what did you say?" He again repeated I think I have that book and said that a co worker had given him a book of Mormon about a year ago and he read part of it. We set an appointment with him for the next day. Our lesson seemed to go perfectly. We had a great introduction, and we got to learn all about him. We had a great lesson on the restoration and Carlos then accepted the invitation to baptism on October 20th. What a neat situation! We are excited to teach him more.
In between sessions, idk if it’s on sat or sun, but they are having a special about the MEXICO MTC! And I think I'm on it! They had camera everywhere when we first got there. So keep your eyes peeled!!
Worldly moment-
The other day sister s and I were planning and we went to get ice cream at the same time and a Michael Jackson CD was playing... HEAVEN. I didn't even know I liked Michael Jackson! haha oh the things you find out on your mission :)
Love, Hermana Schaefer

Haha So I'm at the library right now and it's pretty bad. There's a guy in the corner who is listening to Tu-pac, the rapper out loud, doing hand motions and rocking his body... doorag and all! And the guy next to me smiled and I smiled back and now he is googling "church near union city." HAHAHAHA Love it!

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