Thursday, August 29, 2013

Last Blog from the CCM!

Sheesh time really does fly! the count down is ON! T-minus 5 days! It feels like I´ve been here for 10 years. and at the same time I am so ready to hit the field! I love my district so much though. So it will be really rreeaalllyyy hard to leave them. Also, I am really enjoying this bubble from the world. I saw parents of a missionary holding hands and I did a double take. I FEEL LIKE I´M A SHELTERED UTAH KID!! hahahaha but I´m not excited to get back to the real world, because its so loco. 

 According to the flight plans I have now, which almost always changes according to people who have left, I have a 2 hour layover in atlanta georgia on Monday. TWO THINGS ON THE LIST. fast food and calling home :) Sister Clark will come with me and we will be comps until we get there!
GET THIS. Yesterday, I was like I REEAALLYY have a feeling I´m gunna get a letter today... so I checked the mail room and our district didnt have any letters. :( So I was like shoot it was all in my head. But when I went back to the class, 3 LETTERS WERE ON MY DESK! Turns out they just hadn´t sorted the mail yet! Oh I was so happy I ripped them open like a child on Christmas DAY. Oh it was quite the scene. Everyone appreciated Devan´s art work and Derrick´s Spanish! Haha I tried to read deanna´s letter which she wrote mostly in French, and I was saying the words with a Spanish accent. It was SO sad! I really miss French, but if I only focus on French, I won´t be as excited to learn Spanish. Then I wont learn as much! But boy is it really coming along! 

I just got back from the temple and I was able to understand.. oh basically everything. Mostly because it was all church words and that´s mostly what we´ve been learning, but still! It was awesome. I can do this! THANK YOU FOR WRITING ME! I love each and every letter!!!!!!!

My misquito bites are healing slowly but surely. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night because a bug flies RIGHT by my ear.. It´s scary. Serious business.
oh yeah.. sooo....( in spanish) I FELL OUT OF BED LAST WEEK. I AM ON THE TOP BUNK..... And you might wonder how in the heck I´m alive. So get this. I wake up and I am in the process of falling. And it´s too late to save myself. I am already a goner. BUT GUESS WHAT. I LANDED ON MY FEET. I swear angels carried me off my bed and set me on the floor. Yeah. you better have the tingles (goosebumps) right now becuase it´s true. Angels saved my life. I just literally fell on my feet, facing my bed. I had my arms in the air and my butt sticking out, kind of like a football stance or something. It took me a minute to catch my breath. Then I just casually climbed up the latter. NBD. Sweet, huh? And it´s a long way down. A girl broke her foot just landing on it wrong when she slipped off the top bunk. I could have seriously gotten injured, but the Lord needs me on my feet! :)
Speaking of being seriously injured... Uhh remember how I told you that story of Elder Andersen tripping over the net and hurting his foot? Yeah, it´s broken in TWO places... And he´s the Zone leader! He´s been walking on it for THREE WEEKS. When he first went to the doctor when it happened, it ws the Mexican doctor so Elder Andersen couldnt really understand him. It was still really bothering him so he went to the American doctor this week and he was like you need an xray right away! So he got to take a little trip into the city and he got an xray and sure enough.. broken in two places! Poor guy! He has to go hom for two weeks before he goes out into the field to let it heal. His shoes gave him GREAT support and its too late for a boot. He just has a limited area to walk in.. to the classroom, the comedor and his house. ´Doctors orders. Hes not bummed though so thats really good!  
We did get Latinas! And they actually went through the temple for the first time today! It was neat to watch :) They are 4 in our house. We have 4 more Americanos, two in our room. They are both awesome! One of them is a convert of 2 years! So much faith :) They are both in an intermediate class so we still speak a lot of Spanish.
Things are going great with my companion! Nothing has changed really, just my prayers and my patience. :) It´s amazing how much my Heavenly Father is willing to do for me :)
I see the CCM president all the time! He eats lunch in the comedor. Sister Pratt teaches relief society and Presidente pratt teaches a devotional on Sunday and always leads the meetings.
yay for my package!!! Thank you! I am really looking forward to that! ;) Deanna said she sent hers too! double whammy! 

So about my week:
One day our class wrote on the board "INTERVENTION." When Hermano Klabacka was teaching. On the next board they wrote "are you john the beloved?" All the Elders are seriously obsessed with him! Its so funnny!
Often times, we ask our teachers a phrase like "como se dice punch him in the face!?" and they always reply with "amor." :) gotta love MTC standards!
So we were doing this role play and we were a seminary class with all different faiths and Hermano Klabacka was the teacher. When we do these role plays, we are "investigators" and we choose names because we´re not acting as missionaries. So we went around and most people picked the Spanish version of their name, so I was "Sienna" Okay I think thats french.. butt... ANYWAYS. H. Klabacka got to the last 3 elders and they siad their names were "pedro, santiage y Juan" Or peter James and John. We couldnt continue the seminary class for a while. We were all laughing pretty hard!
Also, H. Klabacka is a HORRIBLE investigator. Like seriously. He falls asleep every 30 seconds. Even if we are engaging him and are asking lots of questions. so one night, He went up to Elder tews and hatch after their lesson and was like okay so I have something to admit. I fell asleep in your lesson and I responded to one of your questions.. IN MY SLEEP! Did you catch it? Luckily they didnt know enough spanish to understand that it was jibberish. It was so funny. Horrible investigator. Terrible. Haha
The Elders in the district gave me the nickname of "herMAMA Schaefer" :) I guess I haven´t changed much! They say it´s because I fix their things and am the mother hen. Like today. I reminded my district to triple check for their reccommends at breakfast and one of them forgot it! My great accomplishment for the week. Thank you, thank you.
Devo on Sunday was the bomb! A member of the MTC presidency or maybe just in mexico, he was a member of the 70! His name is ovtavio something rather. He spoke in general conference is the last 3 or so years. He was giving a devo and a was talking about nephi and he pointed to the screen and said "Nephi said..." But the super annoying "restart your computer" thing popped up and he goes.. well, he didn´t say THAT.
It was also funny when he was saying how the Lord didn´t know the lady he was talking to, i think the lady at the well? was related to someone Jesus was good friends with. And in the chapter we were reading, in verse 15 it told us their relation and he goes Jesus must have not read verse 15! SO FUNNY!
Well, I have to go because pday is over.. BOOOOO!!!!!!! BUT. I cant believe it is the end of August. I forgot to plan my life out past July 24th. Whoops. 
I love you so much!!!!!!!!
All my love,
Hermana Schaefer

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  1. Way to go Sister Schaefer! You are a great Sister Missionary! :-) Give it all you got! No regrets!