Okay this e-mail is probably going to be shorter because this week wan´t much different than most!

We only taught our investigators once this week! BOOOO. I feel like I have stayed the same in Spanish this week. I haven´t degressed, but at the same time I haven´t learned a lot this week! It´s my own fault. I´m not so diligent, especially when the boys in our district are tellling stories. Hahahahaha we´ll like be in the middle of studying by ourselves, and someone will just tell a story. Like our District Leader, Elder Tews yesterday was like "hey do you guys want to hear a sad story?" And of course we were like che-yahh! So he goes "well, my cousin was boating with his cousin who was 9. He was tubing and the tube hit a huge wave and it flew up in the air. And the little boy let go and he fell in the water and he died." Annndd that was the end of the story. hahahahaha we were like WHAT THE! The end?! and he was just like "yeah. I just thought about that story for some reason. Anyone got a happy story?" hahahahahaha it is sooo funny. I LOVE my district!
We really aren´t the best at focusing though. So our teacher, Hermano Klabacka comes in at 6:15pm and we sing a hymn and pray and then he immediately goes out of the room and whoever is teaching him goes out and teaches him for 20 minutes, then the next group, then the next. Then He comes back in and we do book of mormon and do grammer and Spanish. So ONE TIME My bff in the district, Elder Ludlow, just started humming little drummer boy.. and then we all spontaniously joined in and did like the base, the drums, the melody, harmony, alto parts.. IT WAS AWESOME. we had been doing that for a while and this night we were like we have to get this on video!! So when Hermano Klabacka went out to be taught, we decided to video our masterpiece. We did it a few times to practice, then we recorded it! It was sweet! It took like a whole hour away from companionship study though.. that´s the bummer about most 18 year olds. They just graduated high school so they don´t have good study habits.. if ANY. So there´s no motivation when there´s no teacher. Bummer! Anyways, we recorded drummer boy and it sounds sweeet! Sister Clark and I went to el baño and when we came back, Elder luds was humming drummer boy. But the lights were off, and they did their strobe light setting on their flashlight and Elder Hatch was leading the "music" if you can even call it that. OMG. So funny! WELL... When H. klabacka came back in, gosh he is so intune with the spirit! He told us to take out a paper and write EVERYTHING we were doing during progressing investigator. I want you to be completely transparent. If you were sleeping, write I was slepping. If you were staring at the wall, wright it down. We were like SHHHOOOTTTT!!! When he read the papers, he laughed so hard.. but he wasn´t mad but that hit us pretty hard. He was like dissapointed. We are dang focused now! LOL but I wouldn´t take it back for anything... it was a great memory and I will never be able to listen to little drummber boy the same way again! haha!!!
After the guilt-trip crack-down talk, Elder Andersen suggested that we fast as a district for us to truly be diligent. What a GREAT idea! definitely inspired. So I fasted on Monday for breakfast and lunch... but I was NOT feeling it. I was super hungry when I woke up. I was praying all day that I could just make it through because we really needed extra help to be focused in our district. I continued to do things normally. I took a nap during lunch so I wouldn´t be tempted, but I made the mistake of playing volleyball during gym. I was so light headed. Not a good move! I was wobbling pretty bad and the Elders in my district kept asking me if I was okay. When I went home, I had to break my fast at 3 and finally drink some water! Well.. i drank it a little too fast. I laid down and got right back up and to el baño I went! It was only water though :) I´m doing dinner/ breakfast from now on! That way I can still fast.

But during this experience, Elder Hatch spilled the beans that all of the Elders fasted for the hermanas (mine and sis clark´s) health last Sunday! And they didn´t even tell us. AND after Sunday we were fine! It was great. The elders were like sheesh Sis Schaefer how many times have you thrown up since you´ve been at the CCM? I think it was like 4 or 6 or something. Then Elder Hatch chimes in with "I´ve only thrown up twice in my life." EW RUDE. Haha
UGH: this week, the mosquitos must have really like my lotion or something :( I GOT EATEN ALIVE. 14 bites and counting! One on my finger, my hand, a TON on my arms, one on my face (nat bite) and some one my legs! It sucks! I itch! But the Elders in our district came prepared! (Well, their mommies prepared for them) They have all sorts of anti-itch cream so I´m covered!

On a better note, I GOT A DEAR ELDER!!! Annie Tyler sent it to me!! So I can say I have friends! Haha She sent it on August 5th and it got here on the 14th. So the last day you can send a dear Elder is TOMORROW, AUGUST 22nd. Of yourse you can send them to the field, but don´t dear elder to the CCM after tomorrow because I won´t be here!

Our last Latina roommates were HILARIOUS!!! haha there were two in our actual room. They were so funnny! The little one was always cracking us up.
 She left for Guadalajara on Monday morning.
I gave myself a hair cut! or at least a little trim. Turns out the scissors in the tienda aren´t baad! Hahaha
On Sunday, when we were waiting for our little devotional to start, this guy was playing a lot of prelude music. it was BEAUTIFUL! He made it up, like randitions of hymns. It reminded me of Sammy!
Haha also, this Sunday, an Elder is our Sistrict was in the middle of giving a talk and all of a sudden we heard the song "This girl is on fiyyaaaaa!!" By Alicia Keys. SO funny! Our church building is right next to the walls that separate the CCM to the City.We were all laughing and then it got stuck in our heads! It was a nice referesher of the outside world :) lol
So we eat lunch with a select few. sister Mcdonald, Scow, Faw and Christiansen. Sis mcDonald is so funny! We just connected instantly. Sis Faw is hilarious. She is definitely one of a kind, an original! And they call sister Christiansen sister Fifa because she is seriously a PRO at soccer! Haha all the boys seriously LOVE her! so we always eat with them at like every meal. SO FUN! Sister Mcdonald tripod with us because she didnt leave until wednesday morning! It was fun to have a 3rd companion. it eased the tension and she really gave us some really good pointers! it was sad to say goodbye last night :(
you should look up the song homeward bound! SO GOOD and it has to do all with missionaries! I love it.

Elder Bednar spoke at the devotional on Sunday. (Via broadcast...) and he was saying how General Conference talks are not assigned. Him and Elder Ballard spoke roughly on the topic of conversion, and Elder Bednar said "The Lord didn´t say- Elder Bednar and elder Ballard, you talk on Conversion, Elder Holland, You light it up!" hahahahahaha we all got a kick out of that. Turns out he´s the favorite of the 12 too! haha
Healthy...as of now, yes! And VERY HAPPY :) Oh I am the master at Spanglish or Espanish. I speak it quite well :)
Favorite thing: is the people! I love pretending I am teaching real investigators and I love getting to know new people. 
Least favorite: is not being of the world. It is hard not to be able to text Mom or ask Caiden about a movie quote on demand or see what´s happening in the world. 
Hmmm most surprising: is how sick i´ve been! haha I´m generally a really healthy person! But it will get better :)
A quote this week that I absolutely love is "This is not my mission, it is the Lord´s and I am invited to participate in it." i think it´s from Elder Bednar. Perspective change :)
Well, I hope you comprehend how much I love you all dearly!
The lord is on our side!

con amor,
Hermana Schaefer