Thursday, August 29, 2013

Last Blog from the CCM!

Sheesh time really does fly! the count down is ON! T-minus 5 days! It feels like I´ve been here for 10 years. and at the same time I am so ready to hit the field! I love my district so much though. So it will be really rreeaalllyyy hard to leave them. Also, I am really enjoying this bubble from the world. I saw parents of a missionary holding hands and I did a double take. I FEEL LIKE I´M A SHELTERED UTAH KID!! hahahaha but I´m not excited to get back to the real world, because its so loco. 

 According to the flight plans I have now, which almost always changes according to people who have left, I have a 2 hour layover in atlanta georgia on Monday. TWO THINGS ON THE LIST. fast food and calling home :) Sister Clark will come with me and we will be comps until we get there!
GET THIS. Yesterday, I was like I REEAALLYY have a feeling I´m gunna get a letter today... so I checked the mail room and our district didnt have any letters. :( So I was like shoot it was all in my head. But when I went back to the class, 3 LETTERS WERE ON MY DESK! Turns out they just hadn´t sorted the mail yet! Oh I was so happy I ripped them open like a child on Christmas DAY. Oh it was quite the scene. Everyone appreciated Devan´s art work and Derrick´s Spanish! Haha I tried to read deanna´s letter which she wrote mostly in French, and I was saying the words with a Spanish accent. It was SO sad! I really miss French, but if I only focus on French, I won´t be as excited to learn Spanish. Then I wont learn as much! But boy is it really coming along! 

I just got back from the temple and I was able to understand.. oh basically everything. Mostly because it was all church words and that´s mostly what we´ve been learning, but still! It was awesome. I can do this! THANK YOU FOR WRITING ME! I love each and every letter!!!!!!!

My misquito bites are healing slowly but surely. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night because a bug flies RIGHT by my ear.. It´s scary. Serious business.
oh yeah.. sooo....( in spanish) I FELL OUT OF BED LAST WEEK. I AM ON THE TOP BUNK..... And you might wonder how in the heck I´m alive. So get this. I wake up and I am in the process of falling. And it´s too late to save myself. I am already a goner. BUT GUESS WHAT. I LANDED ON MY FEET. I swear angels carried me off my bed and set me on the floor. Yeah. you better have the tingles (goosebumps) right now becuase it´s true. Angels saved my life. I just literally fell on my feet, facing my bed. I had my arms in the air and my butt sticking out, kind of like a football stance or something. It took me a minute to catch my breath. Then I just casually climbed up the latter. NBD. Sweet, huh? And it´s a long way down. A girl broke her foot just landing on it wrong when she slipped off the top bunk. I could have seriously gotten injured, but the Lord needs me on my feet! :)
Speaking of being seriously injured... Uhh remember how I told you that story of Elder Andersen tripping over the net and hurting his foot? Yeah, it´s broken in TWO places... And he´s the Zone leader! He´s been walking on it for THREE WEEKS. When he first went to the doctor when it happened, it ws the Mexican doctor so Elder Andersen couldnt really understand him. It was still really bothering him so he went to the American doctor this week and he was like you need an xray right away! So he got to take a little trip into the city and he got an xray and sure enough.. broken in two places! Poor guy! He has to go hom for two weeks before he goes out into the field to let it heal. His shoes gave him GREAT support and its too late for a boot. He just has a limited area to walk in.. to the classroom, the comedor and his house. ´Doctors orders. Hes not bummed though so thats really good!  
We did get Latinas! And they actually went through the temple for the first time today! It was neat to watch :) They are 4 in our house. We have 4 more Americanos, two in our room. They are both awesome! One of them is a convert of 2 years! So much faith :) They are both in an intermediate class so we still speak a lot of Spanish.
Things are going great with my companion! Nothing has changed really, just my prayers and my patience. :) It´s amazing how much my Heavenly Father is willing to do for me :)
I see the CCM president all the time! He eats lunch in the comedor. Sister Pratt teaches relief society and Presidente pratt teaches a devotional on Sunday and always leads the meetings.
yay for my package!!! Thank you! I am really looking forward to that! ;) Deanna said she sent hers too! double whammy! 

So about my week:
One day our class wrote on the board "INTERVENTION." When Hermano Klabacka was teaching. On the next board they wrote "are you john the beloved?" All the Elders are seriously obsessed with him! Its so funnny!
Often times, we ask our teachers a phrase like "como se dice punch him in the face!?" and they always reply with "amor." :) gotta love MTC standards!
So we were doing this role play and we were a seminary class with all different faiths and Hermano Klabacka was the teacher. When we do these role plays, we are "investigators" and we choose names because we´re not acting as missionaries. So we went around and most people picked the Spanish version of their name, so I was "Sienna" Okay I think thats french.. butt... ANYWAYS. H. Klabacka got to the last 3 elders and they siad their names were "pedro, santiage y Juan" Or peter James and John. We couldnt continue the seminary class for a while. We were all laughing pretty hard!
Also, H. Klabacka is a HORRIBLE investigator. Like seriously. He falls asleep every 30 seconds. Even if we are engaging him and are asking lots of questions. so one night, He went up to Elder tews and hatch after their lesson and was like okay so I have something to admit. I fell asleep in your lesson and I responded to one of your questions.. IN MY SLEEP! Did you catch it? Luckily they didnt know enough spanish to understand that it was jibberish. It was so funny. Horrible investigator. Terrible. Haha
The Elders in the district gave me the nickname of "herMAMA Schaefer" :) I guess I haven´t changed much! They say it´s because I fix their things and am the mother hen. Like today. I reminded my district to triple check for their reccommends at breakfast and one of them forgot it! My great accomplishment for the week. Thank you, thank you.
Devo on Sunday was the bomb! A member of the MTC presidency or maybe just in mexico, he was a member of the 70! His name is ovtavio something rather. He spoke in general conference is the last 3 or so years. He was giving a devo and a was talking about nephi and he pointed to the screen and said "Nephi said..." But the super annoying "restart your computer" thing popped up and he goes.. well, he didn´t say THAT.
It was also funny when he was saying how the Lord didn´t know the lady he was talking to, i think the lady at the well? was related to someone Jesus was good friends with. And in the chapter we were reading, in verse 15 it told us their relation and he goes Jesus must have not read verse 15! SO FUNNY!
Well, I have to go because pday is over.. BOOOOO!!!!!!! BUT. I cant believe it is the end of August. I forgot to plan my life out past July 24th. Whoops. 
I love you so much!!!!!!!!
All my love,
Hermana Schaefer

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Christmas Music in August!

Okay this e-mail is probably going to be shorter because this week wan´t much different than most!

We only taught our investigators once this week! BOOOO. I feel like I have stayed the same in Spanish this week. I haven´t degressed, but at the same time I haven´t learned a lot this week! It´s my own fault. I´m not so diligent, especially when the boys in our district are tellling stories. Hahahahaha we´ll like be in the middle of studying by ourselves, and someone will just tell a story. Like our District Leader, Elder Tews yesterday was like "hey do you guys want to hear a sad story?" And of course we were like che-yahh! So he goes "well, my cousin was boating with his cousin who was 9. He was tubing and the tube hit a huge wave and it flew up in the air. And the little boy let go and he fell in the water and he died." Annndd that was the end of the story. hahahahaha we were like WHAT THE! The end?! and he was just like "yeah. I just thought about that story for some reason. Anyone got a happy story?" hahahahahaha it is sooo funny. I LOVE my district!
We really aren´t the best at focusing though. So our teacher, Hermano Klabacka comes in at 6:15pm and we sing a hymn and pray and then he immediately goes out of the room and whoever is teaching him goes out and teaches him for 20 minutes, then the next group, then the next. Then He comes back in and we do book of mormon and do grammer and Spanish. So ONE TIME My bff in the district, Elder Ludlow, just started humming little drummer boy.. and then we all spontaniously joined in and did like the base, the drums, the melody, harmony, alto parts.. IT WAS AWESOME. we had been doing that for a while and this night we were like we have to get this on video!! So when Hermano Klabacka went out to be taught, we decided to video our masterpiece. We did it a few times to practice, then we recorded it! It was sweet! It took like a whole hour away from companionship study though.. that´s the bummer about most 18 year olds. They just graduated high school so they don´t have good study habits.. if ANY. So there´s no motivation when there´s no teacher. Bummer! Anyways, we recorded drummer boy and it sounds sweeet! Sister Clark and I went to el baño and when we came back, Elder luds was humming drummer boy. But the lights were off, and they did their strobe light setting on their flashlight and Elder Hatch was leading the "music" if you can even call it that. OMG. So funny! WELL... When H. klabacka came back in, gosh he is so intune with the spirit! He told us to take out a paper and write EVERYTHING we were doing during progressing investigator. I want you to be completely transparent. If you were sleeping, write I was slepping. If you were staring at the wall, wright it down. We were like SHHHOOOTTTT!!! When he read the papers, he laughed so hard.. but he wasn´t mad but that hit us pretty hard. He was like dissapointed. We are dang focused now! LOL but I wouldn´t take it back for anything... it was a great memory and I will never be able to listen to little drummber boy the same way again! haha!!!
After the guilt-trip crack-down talk, Elder Andersen suggested that we fast as a district for us to truly be diligent. What a GREAT idea! definitely inspired. So I fasted on Monday for breakfast and lunch... but I was NOT feeling it. I was super hungry when I woke up. I was praying all day that I could just make it through because we really needed extra help to be focused in our district. I continued to do things normally. I took a nap during lunch so I wouldn´t be tempted, but I made the mistake of playing volleyball during gym. I was so light headed. Not a good move! I was wobbling pretty bad and the Elders in my district kept asking me if I was okay. When I went home, I had to break my fast at 3 and finally drink some water! Well.. i drank it a little too fast. I laid down and got right back up and to el baño I went! It was only water though :) I´m doing dinner/ breakfast from now on! That way I can still fast.

But during this experience, Elder Hatch spilled the beans that all of the Elders fasted for the hermanas (mine and sis clark´s) health last Sunday! And they didn´t even tell us. AND after Sunday we were fine! It was great. The elders were like sheesh Sis Schaefer how many times have you thrown up since you´ve been at the CCM? I think it was like 4 or 6 or something. Then Elder Hatch chimes in with "I´ve only thrown up twice in my life." EW RUDE. Haha
UGH: this week, the mosquitos must have really like my lotion or something :( I GOT EATEN ALIVE. 14 bites and counting! One on my finger, my hand, a TON on my arms, one on my face (nat bite) and some one my legs! It sucks! I itch! But the Elders in our district came prepared! (Well, their mommies prepared for them) They have all sorts of anti-itch cream so I´m covered!

On a better note, I GOT A DEAR ELDER!!! Annie Tyler sent it to me!! So I can say I have friends! Haha She sent it on August 5th and it got here on the 14th. So the last day you can send a dear Elder is TOMORROW, AUGUST 22nd. Of yourse you can send them to the field, but don´t dear elder to the CCM after tomorrow because I won´t be here!

Our last Latina roommates were HILARIOUS!!! haha there were two in our actual room. They were so funnny! The little one was always cracking us up.
 She left for Guadalajara on Monday morning.
I gave myself a hair cut! or at least a little trim. Turns out the scissors in the tienda aren´t baad! Hahaha
On Sunday, when we were waiting for our little devotional to start, this guy was playing a lot of prelude music. it was BEAUTIFUL! He made it up, like randitions of hymns. It reminded me of Sammy!
Haha also, this Sunday, an Elder is our Sistrict was in the middle of giving a talk and all of a sudden we heard the song "This girl is on fiyyaaaaa!!" By Alicia Keys. SO funny! Our church building is right next to the walls that separate the CCM to the City.We were all laughing and then it got stuck in our heads! It was a nice referesher of the outside world :) lol
So we eat lunch with a select few. sister Mcdonald, Scow, Faw and Christiansen. Sis mcDonald is so funny! We just connected instantly. Sis Faw is hilarious. She is definitely one of a kind, an original! And they call sister Christiansen sister Fifa because she is seriously a PRO at soccer! Haha all the boys seriously LOVE her! so we always eat with them at like every meal. SO FUN! Sister Mcdonald tripod with us because she didnt leave until wednesday morning! It was fun to have a 3rd companion. it eased the tension and she really gave us some really good pointers! it was sad to say goodbye last night :(
you should look up the song homeward bound! SO GOOD and it has to do all with missionaries! I love it.

Elder Bednar spoke at the devotional on Sunday. (Via broadcast...) and he was saying how General Conference talks are not assigned. Him and Elder Ballard spoke roughly on the topic of conversion, and Elder Bednar said "The Lord didn´t say- Elder Bednar and elder Ballard, you talk on Conversion, Elder Holland, You light it up!" hahahahahaha we all got a kick out of that. Turns out he´s the favorite of the 12 too! haha of now, yes! And VERY HAPPY :) Oh I am the master at Spanglish or Espanish. I speak it quite well :)
Favorite thing: is the people! I love pretending I am teaching real investigators and I love getting to know new people. 
Least favorite: is not being of the world. It is hard not to be able to text Mom or ask Caiden about a movie quote on demand or see what´s happening in the world. 
Hmmm most surprising: is how sick i´ve been! haha I´m generally a really healthy person! But it will get better :)
A quote this week that I absolutely love is "This is not my mission, it is the Lord´s and I am invited to participate in it." i think it´s from Elder Bednar. Perspective change :)
Well, I hope you comprehend how much I love you all dearly!
The lord is on our side!

con amor,
Hermana Schaefer

Monday, August 12, 2013

The Schedule!

Que pasa, Mufasa?! What´s freaky, Rafiki?! Hahaha Hi guys! Wow what a week!! I am so happy to be here in the Mexico MTC. Things are going so great!
 Surprisingly I don´t miss too many things. I do miss music but not enough to drive me crazy. I don´t miss school because this basically IS school… but really. It is a school. Haha it was built as a school so we have classrooms, a cafeteria, a quad, dorms, a mini store, a library, the whole bit! I love it!
OKAY, the nitty gritty. First of all, our investigator Randy BECAME OUR NIGHT TEACHER. HOW IN THE HECK AM I SUPPOSED TO CONCENTRATE?!  Muy guapo.  He just got a haircut and he looked even cuter before if you can imagine. He´s super nice and he loves our district. The other day we were talking about using the an informal word and he was explaining who you can use it with. He said a list of things like your mom, best friend, you use it when you pray, and you can use it with mascots. ….. uhh Mascots?! Haha like the BYU cougar?! We were like whaa?! Hahaha he meant pets, but the Spanish word for pets is mimando or something so he just spoke the wrong language. Hahaha he turned SO RED. It was hilarious. AND then, we were learning how to use the word gusto, which means to please, but it translates to basically mean “I like…” So we were using examples and someone is our class was talking about playing with something. Like I like playing this game or with this toy. But for some reason he used “pollo” (chicken) So he said the sentence in Spanish and Hermano Klabacka translated in English and he said “it pleases her to play with the chickens.” OMG he turned SO red and was laughing so hard! We all were! It was just such a weird sentence and H. Klabacka couldn´t finish his teaching for like 5 minutes. We were so rowdy that night. Haha and the boys totes have a man crush on H. Klabacka (Who is “Randy” our first investigator). Like if he says something funny or even messes up on the white board, they CRACK up and like fall out of their chairs. Surusly. (seriously) it is hilariously annoying and slightly embarrassing. 18 year olds, remember? Haha
We had this substitute teacher because Hermana Arbon went to the ancient pyramids on her “p-day” (so jealous also, they are not allowed to buy us things. No true Mexican souvenirs for me . I guess it just means I´ll have to come back! ;)). But anyways, we had a new teacher for the day and he was telling us (in spanish) how much he hated mosquitos. Whenever he saw one, he would stop his lecture and saw “mosque..CORRER!!!” Which means “mosquito…RUN!” Hahaha so we say that all the time now because we always see mosquitos.
A little more on the city: there are lots of explosions that frequently happen.. Haha apparently they´re Mexican fireworks but their fireworks are when you wrap up gun powder in newspaper and chuck it. It literally sounds like there is a mine camp right outside the walls. And it happens like 4 times a day. Hermana Clark and I like to make up stories about what happens outside these walls. Also, there is a fiesta about every other night and it seems like the whole city is involved! We are kind of jealous that we cannot attend these fiestas, but it´s for the better. There are also lots of police chases! It´s so fun to hear! Because motorcycles are usually the ones speeding, so you can hear both sides of the chase! Like Eeeerrr, Eeerrr, Errr, (motorcycle) and weeee-ooo, wee-ooo woop woop (cop). One time it started right before I got in the shower and continued until I went to bed! Crazy latinos!
Speaking of Natives, we were living with 6 Latinas! I think I mentioned that in my last e-mail. Only one of them spoke broken English so we really had to work hard to understand them and ask questions. Sadly, they left for their missions yesterday. They were so fun! We had family night one time with them. And they were hilarious.
We are getting a new wave of missionaries today, and we are getting crowded! The number is supposed to exceed 800 by the end of the week! And get this- The Argentina MTC AND the Peru MTC and maxed out! They cannot accept any more people! So they´re sending about 40 people and reassigning them to the Mexico MTC! So we weren´t expecting that so we will be pretty tight the next few weeks. The Lord is hastening His work!
The president, president Pratt knows what he´s doing though. He gave the devotional yesterday and he talked about temples. He basically was in almost every single ground breaking ceremony for every temple in South America. He helped purchase land and worked right alongside the prophets! He´s caucasion but he has lived in south America more than north America and has been a mission president, temple president, MTC president and was in the quorum of the 70! He is pretty old fashioned and you can tell he and his wife can´t stand the immaturity of the 18 year olds, but we´re all learning and new at this.
Okay so a few things about my comp- still slow. Also, she never initiates anything so I feel like a babysitter. Even when our teacher is like work on this with your companion, she just stares at me and makes me do everything. It is really reeeaaallllyyy frustrating. Other than that, I LOVE HER. We have such a great time together and we laugh A TON! And she puts up with forgetting stuff at the house without complaint . We really do get along and try to share the burden of missionary things.
Okay so my week/ schedule! This is how it goes in the CCM.
6:30 get up, get ready
7:00 Breakfast
7:30 personal study (scriptures)
8:30 Coaching- where our teacher coaches us in Spanish and the gospel
10:30 Progressing Investigator which is our teacher, Hermana Arbon. If we are not teaching, we do our language homework and create our lesson plan for when we teach next.
11:00 is Book of Mormon. We go outside and read the Book of Mormon as a district in Spanish, followed by English. This is crucial for pronunciation and understanding church language in Spanish- words we won´t find in our dictionaries.
11:30 additional study time. Which we DO NOT do. Haha it is right before lunch so we are rowdy and anxious to leave the room we have been in for 4 hours. So we tell stories from home.
12:00 LUNCH!!!!
1:00 Language study, This is where we memorize our purpose, scriptures, Jose Smith´s first vision, the baptismal commitment question, and many other things. I bought flash cards so H. Clark and I quiz each other. We also work on our homework and review lessons.
2:00 GYM TIME!!!! For the first couple of day I worked out, but now we play sports and stuff. THEY HAVE SAND VOLLEYBALL! I like to imagine I am on the beach ;) I think I´ve lost weight. Even though I eat a TON. Sadly I know I will gain all the weight back in the field.
3:00 Shower time!!
3:30 TALL- Technology assisted language learning. Basically an un-fun Spanish language learning program. SO BORING. We mostly just talk about how much we hate it. It´s actually not that bad. It´s just tedious and time consuming and we´re all drained for being out in the sun and running.
4:30 Additional study time (it seems like we study a lot but we mostly just talk. 18 year olds talking about their good ol high school days. It´s fun to hear their stories though. If it gets too out of hand, H. Clark and I step outside and study.)
5:30 Daily Planning. H. Clark and I talk about what we´re studying, teaching and learning for the next day.
6:00 DINNER!!!!!!!!
6:30 Language class with Hermano Klabacka, who was out first investigator, Randy. He also becomes our night investigator Lucas. Yeah, one person. Three names. Whoever he is, he is still CUTE.
7:30 Progressing Investigator- Lucas, who just taught us (Hermano klabacka). Who was Randy. Comprende? Lol
8:30 is more Coaching by H. klabacka
9:30 is getting ready for bed
10:15 Companion prayer
10:30 Lights out!
Whew what a day! On Tuesdays our schedule changes because we don´t have TALL- we have a service project instead! BUT here´s the catch. The CCM is still pretty small so they make up things for us to do. Both Tuesdays we have cleaned the chairs and tables in the kitchen. I´m pretty sure they have people hired to do that. Haha but it´s fun and I LOVE SERVICE no matter how silly it is. The focus is off of myself and I love helping out! We also don´t have class on Tuesday night- we have devotional and talking about our devotional afterwards. Wednesday is p-day and Sundays we basically study for 5 HOURS in the day. Plus MOVIE NIGHT! SO AWESOME! This time we watched the story of Joseph Smith. SO GOOD. My favorite scene is when he says goodbye to everyone before going to Carthage- SHEESH just typing about it and I have the chills! And my next favorite scene is when the mob is breaking down the door in the jail and in slow motion he glances ant his hero, his brother h\Hyrum. AH I LOVE THAT MOVIE. Even some of the boys were crying. Haha it´s SO funny when we watch Elder Holland´s devotionals from the Provo MTC, when he bears his testimony and is crying, all you hear is sniffles from the girls AND the guys! I love that man.
This week in class we watched “a priesthood duty- Mormon messages for youth,” and lifting Burdens, a Mormon Message. Get out the kleenex and press replay ;)
Okay I saved the sob stories for last! So on Wednesday, H. Clark got a cold. So last p-day we took it chill. We live together so I was bound to get it too. I got it on Thursday and it was pretty bad. It turned into a sinus infection and I just felt crappy. It was super hard to focus in class because I didn´t feel good, not to mention embarrassing to blow my boogers out in front of my whole district. But nonetheless, it happened. I got a wicked cough so I went to the on campus doctor. He said it was just a cold (I went in because I was worried about my chest because it was rattling and the whole asthma thing doesn´t help) so the doctor said I was fine, I just need to rest and take it easy with no physical activity. I lost my voice too! But I got some cough drops and all was well. WAS.
So on Friday Hermana Clark was puking! Poor thing! She was convinced it was something she ate because when she got home from college, surprise! Her family went vegan. So she hasn’t had meat in a few months. And the Mexicans LOVE meat. Seriously. They serve corn dogs for breakfast sometimes! Haha! So anyways, it was just at night and she felt fine in the morning and got a blessing.
 So Elder Andersen said that if I ever get sick, I BETTER wake him up and ask for a blessing. He´s like our mom. He seriously looks out for us SO well. And he lives 3 houses down. So I woke sister Clark up and we marched on down, tapped on his window and got a blessing at 2:30 am! His companion Elder Smith gave the blessing and it was so awesome! I´m so grateful to have these worth, valiant young Elders who are worth to bless me, even at 2:30 am! It was fast Sunday so that was hard. I still fasted because I really wanted blessings. Hahahaha I did eat half a granola bar in the morning and I made it through church! And we broke our fast at lunch and I was able to keep the food down. It was just a small bug. My cold is still lingering but it doesn´t prevent me from doing anything. Okay sob story over. I am totally fine, and it was a cool experience.
Yesterday there was a HUGE rain storm!!! We were walking to devotional and we all got SOAKED even with umbrellas and jackets. My shoes are still wet! The streets were FLOODED but it was so much fun! It even HAILED. I guess it was a prep for jersey!
Also, while we were doing service yesterday, there was a HUGE scary alarm that went off campus wide. It was an earthquake alarm! We have these green circles with arrows which are safe zones where we are supposed to meet when we hear that. So we did and I was FREAKED OUT! But it was just a drill. It put some excitement in our day. 
I LOVE YOU! You se que mi padre celestial es amoroso.. muy amoroso y paciente con me y todo. yo se que jose smith es une profeta de Dios y el fue necessito por la Iglesia. I love you all! 
Hermana Sierra Schaefer <3