Monday, July 29, 2013

Hello all! Mama Schaefer here.
A bit behind, but here is the email we received the night she arrived in Mexico!
Experiencing miracles already. :)

I made it to the Mexico MTC in one piece!!! Haha it is BEAUTIFUL here! The place is hugemongous. Like never ending! And the clouds.. fluffiest things that I ever did see!! But seriously. Beautiful clouds. Like heavenly. I kept saying to myself "it´s so fluffy!!!" Haha I took tons of pics already! Don't know if I was supposed to... But the chord is in my luggage! So hopefully I will send them to you next week!

Okay so the flight. HORRIBLE. Hahaha but only because I was sick! Sheesh I was so nauseous. Like so nauseous I couldn't get out of my chair to buy Dramamine. But I made it! And I didn't throw up on the plane. (For those of you who don´t know I was puking all the way to the airport then AT the airport. Nerves much?!)


First miracle: Back in May, I flew from Long Beach to Boise for my cousin´s wedding, and the flight attendant handing me the drink had a CTR ring on (big surprise, it´s a flight going to Boise Idaho, you´re bound to meet at least one Mormon..) So I said to her "hey, nice ring!" and she said "thanks!" and I held up my hand and she gasped and was like Oh my goodness you´re LDS! So she finished serving drinks and after she was done,she crouched in the isle for the remainder of the flight and she talked and talked! And she was just baptized on Easter Sunday so it had only been a month! Anyway, she said goodbye and it was a great convo, nice girl. GUESS WHO WAS MY FLIGHT ATTENDANT FROM OAKLAND TO LAX?! She was!!!!!!!!! Here I am, horribly nauseated and I just said goodbye to my parents, and I took such comfort in seeing her again! What are the odds?! I said Hey have we met before and she said yeah you look familiar and I held up my hand yet again for her to see my ring and we both laughed and were like NO WAY! I have a picture with her :) This incident was SUCH a testament to me that Heavenly Father and Jesus are SO real. They love me so much. They love me enough to watch over me and care for me. President Schofield was RIGHT! Not that I doubted him.. :)

Second Miracle: I get to LAX. 40 minutes, I´m not feeling too hot but I´m good enough to move around. Thank goodness because I had to walk 3 TERMINALS DOWN. Yeah, not just gates, buildings. I got there and I checked in with my flight crew at the checked baggage-  just to get a new ticket. She took a look at my small carry on suit case and said, uhhhh can you measure that on our special measuring thingy. So I did and the measuring thing is TINY! I guess Mexican planes are super small so luggage space is extremely restricted. So the lady asked how many checked bags I had and I told her two and so she said since this is going to be the third bag it´s going to be ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS. My mouth dropped. So I made up some story that I was going to look around in the luggage shop and trade it in for a smaller bag. NOT but I stuck with that and went through security. Then I had 6 HOURS to stew over the fact that I might spend ALL of my money that was supposed to last a long time on a standard checked bag. I DON'T THINK SO.So i laid on the floor and tried to nap. But I only slept for 20 minutes and woke up every 5. So i am LITERALLY running on two hours of sleep right now. Arriba! Or however you spell it. Long story short, I keep my bag and when I went to board the plane, they told me the same thing $150. The lady was so blunt- she was like so cash or credit card. I was sitting next to this nice guy and I asked him if he would be so kind as to check it under his name. He was flying to Mexico city on a two day business trip so I knew he didn't have any checked bags and HE DID! And they let him! After I said thank you for like the hundredth time, He said you are welcome, just pay it forward. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!


(also I got my name tag.... HOLLA!!! )

I have to go to sleep now!!
Love, Hermana Schaefer

p.s. My P-day is Wednesday

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